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Increase Awareness and Utilization of Cardiac Rehab: A view from a Patient who has been there-- Thri

So you graduated cardiac rehab--- Congrats! NOW what? Did I learn enough, am I going to be alright without being monitored, can I really change my habits? We turn, in the last of this series, to some ideas on what to do post-graduation and how to thrive and be realistic about the habits that make us...human. :) POST-Graduation|Experiment(s)|Cognitive Bias(es) POST-GRADUATION: Following 36 sessions or 3 months of what I hope has been an educational experience about diet, exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, sleep hygiene, creating new friendships with a community of cardiac survivors, etc.... it's time to think about what we can do to THRIVE after rehab! There is a fair amount of data o


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