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Questionology - Patient as Mentor to Clinicians

As a practicing questionologist 🤷‍♂️😜, I wonder if anyone knows of, or has experience in something I’m calling patient mentorship to clinicians (docs, nurses, PAs, etc). My thinking is -- just as physicians often talk about the power of their professional senior clinician as mentors, what if there was also a process/system to develop a lifetime “patient mentor” who helped healthcare workers to stay grounded and connected to the patient perspective and had a patient partner to help think from that lens? And... not just about their care but all the thorny issues facing Medicine and healthcare? If so, how did it work? If not, how might med school, patients, PFA’s, etc., develop such a progra

Questions for Medical Educators... from a Patient Questionologist

Questions from a patient… on Authenticity, Love and Purpose in Medical Education Feb 25, 2012 was a dreary “typical” wintry day in Michigan but one that changed meaning and purpose in my life (or at least my second life) forever. You see… I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and a heart attack that day that left me without a heartbeat for some 30+ minutes. Following this traumatic event, I vowed to try and figure out who (and how) to share my gratitude. The first person to thank was my lovely bride (though I suspect there are some days she wonders about saving me 😊) but in the end, I hope her life is more fulfilled with me still in it. After her, I reached out to the University of Michigan h


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