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A Patient at the AACVPR Annual Meeting: My observations, questions, and perspectives on the future o

I had never been to Charleston S.C. and thanks to a great call with outgoing president of AACVPR (Tom Draper), I was on my way to learn, grow and hopefully contribute to the annual meeting. I checked into the registration desk and was pleasantly greeted by the staff and had a chance to briefly discuss my story of why, as a patient, I had come to the conference. As I walked around the meeting rooms at the very impressive and easy to follow way-finding signs, I did wonder to myself... What if there were intermixed on signs photos of real patients whose lives had been changed by the great work that the staff attending this conference had done at their local facility? Would they benefit from kn

Reflections, Observations and Learning: Notes from a Patient at the PCPCC conference

4:00 a.m. wake-up on October 11, 2017 sounded early. That said, I didn't wait for the alarm to go off as I was really excited to return to D.C. and hear more about what new initiatives were being discussed at the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative conference. What makes my attendance unique is I was going as a patient... one who would never have seen himself arriving at the Westin hotel and checking in with policy makers, physicians, nurses, consultants, and other healthcare workers to discuss the innovations taking place in primary care and working to see how the shared principles that have been adopted by more than 200 healthcare organizations were being put into practice to tran


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