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Increase Awareness and Utilization of Cardiac Rehab: A view from a Patient who has been there-- Rat

This photo is my implant card for the 2 stents I received on 2/25/2012.  Turns out I wasn't awake to see this go in but know that it had life-saving powers for me. :)

On 2/29/2012 the discharge notes read, "We will set you up with cardiac rehab as well to help you feel safe re-instituting exercise into your daily life." This (and my appointment card) was all it took for me to enroll into cardiac rehab in April 2012.

Unfortunately, for approximately 70-80% of patients--- yes you read that figure correctly-- 70 to 80% of patients who are referred to cardiac rehab, DO NOT enroll in cardiac rehab.

And remember from the last blog, if you add the percentage to those who are not referred by their doctors (though eligible), the benefits of cardiac rehab help an embarrassingly low number of patien