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A New Culture in Healthcare


The health care system is incredibly complex and medical education often reinforces a culture that results in parent/child relationship rather than partners in health both bringing expertise to the relationship.


As a practicing questionologist who studies current behavioral science, a long history of managing change and a deep commitment to helping others, Patient is Partner, LLC brings a unique perspective to enhance health care.  How might we solve the most thorny problems in Healthcare- WITH Patients as equal partners at the table?

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Greg's Story

A second life? What does one do?

On February 25th, 2012 life changed... how does one seek meaning and purpose in a "second life?"


Change Agent

It is incredibly challenging to change, particularly in the health care arena, where so much is routinized and "factory like" focused on efficiency. How might we change this and include patients (often not from the healthcare world) in the change process?

Learn to Read

Educate and Innovate

My experience in building new, innovative ways to educate and innovate-- How might we start a movement engaging patients deeply and meaningfully in our practice? TOGETHER- Let's tackle the big and small issues!

Building a Questioning Culture: Curiosity breeds Innovation

At Age 4, we ask almost 300 questions a day--- how many are we asking as adults? How might we create a culture of curiosity?  How do we do so with our patients, family members and care givers?

WDIV Channel 4 follow-up on

June 2017

The following media was a follow-up to our story of survival and the benefits I have found with cardiac rehab... let's spread the word-- it's a life changer!

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Feel free to contact me below for more ways I might be helpful to you or your team

Sample of Healthcare Organization Connections

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Have worked and volunteered in numerous capacities from research studies, to patient panels to national presentations for medical education at MedX conferences

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Have worked closely with staff to begin to build a Patient (and Family/Caregiver) Partnership program

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Patient Reviewer for BMJ

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WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board Member - A mission-driven company dedicated to transforming health care by harnessing the experience, skills and insights of patient leaders. We are the world’s largest network of patient thought leaders, influencers and advocates, comprising more than 100,000 individuals across 150 health conditions.

LHSNET Patient-Partner Collaborator

Savvybassadors will work closely with the founding team to generate ideas and come up with creative and exciting ways to raise awareness for Savvy Coop and why patients should be engaged as partners! 

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Patient Advisory Board Member for an App for Cardiology Patients to empower healthy decisions for those in cardiac rehab

Patient Advisor to this clinical trial see more

BP Control Lab
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